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! extremely weird and nsfw ! || icon: @SkyeeORiley || Commissions : closed || [He/Her/nb] [age: 21] || FA: alphax10 || SFW: @operatorart
under a table, being cute


1. operator's kinkatorium [18+] (1,655)
[NSFW/18+] Honestly, you probably shouldn't have walked in here.
2. what lewd thing will you be! (5,567)
everything is super lewd so watch out!
12 by @oannablue
3. Unusual Game Overs (3,177)
More weird perma TF stuff for you nerds.
4. Potion Tester (2,497)
Drip the goop Witch needs a new tester for her potions, looks like you've volunteered!
5. FINISH HIM/HER (4,745)
Looks like you lost a fight, let's see what the opponent does to you.
6. The Furry Transformation Collar (44,466)
You find a collar in the mail with your name on it. Why don't you try it on?
7. Dungeon Ending (10,101)
Looks like you were a little too unprepared for what lurked in this Dungeon
8. [NSFW 18+] Required Update (11,748)
A required software update for you is now available. You may not delay or skip this update. (content...
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